What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that come in different colors, lengths, thicknesses, and curls to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied one by one to your individual natural eyelashes with a specific eyelash extenson glue. Eyelash extensions can be completely customized to fit whatever look you're going for, whether it be a very natural "mascara'd" look or full and dramatic!

How long do lash extensions usually last?

On average, we shed about 5 natural lashes every day. In a week, that adds up to 35 lashes (that's about 20% of eyelash extensions in a set) This is considered normal, healthy lash shedding. In addition to normal lash shedding, there are a lot of different factors that play into how long lash extensions will last. Factor #1 is proper aftercare. With your first appointment, you will be given detailed instructions on how to properly care for your lashes along with the do's and don'ts. Clients that do not properly care for their lashes or follow the aftercare instructions can expect a shorter lifespan for their extensions. Factor #2 is allergies. Clients that have seasonal allergies can sometimes experience their extensions shedding faster due to being more inclined to rub their eyes. The same thing goes for if you're having a particually hard week and are crying a lot (we've all been there!). It's important that you try to avoid rubbing your lashes and NEVER pick at them! Factor #3 can be vacation. When we're on vacation typically we're harder on our lashes than normal! We're swimming in the pool or ocean, laying out in the sun, rollercoasters, jet skis, etc. While lash extensions are completely fine to get wet, just be aware that you might possibly experience faster shedding due to different vacation activities. If you have any upcoming trips, let me know and I'll go over some things you can do to help your extensions last better! Factor #4 is your sleeping position. Client's that sleep on their stomache or side can experience faster shedding time due to rubbing their lashes against their pillow as they sleep. It doesn't mean you can't get lash extensions though! I am a consistant side sleeper. To help with friction against the pillow, you can try getting a silk pillowcase, sleeping in a countoured eyemask, or moving your head to the very end of the pillow, keeping your lashes off the end and not rubbing directly on the pillow. All in all, you can expect your lash extensions to last about a month, with fills being needed every 2-3 weeks if you want to keep them looking nice and full!

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

When applied properly by a trained and certified professional, eyelash extensions are a safe way to inhance your natural lashes. The application process is pain free and most clients fall asleep during their appointment! However, improper application done by an unqualified lash tech can damage your natural lashes. So it's important to do your research on lash techs and make sure they have the proper certification for their state! Every state is different as far as requirements. To do eyelash extensions in Florida a lash tech must have either a cosmotology, esthetician, full specialist, facial specialist, or medical license. As a lash tech of 3 years, I take care to apply each and every lash with proper technique to ensure no damage to the natural lash. I will also evaluate the state of your natural lashes at your first appointment to see their length and thickness so we can guage what size extension your natural lashes can handle. Overall, the rule of thumb with eyelash extensions is you get what you pay for. A lof of nail salons now are offering "eyelash extensions" for a much cheaper price, but most of the time what you actually are getting are cluster lashes which absolutely can damage natural lashes by not properly isolating out your individual lashes.

Can I wear makeup with my extensions?

Yes you can! Just make sure to check that all of your makeup, makeup remover, and facial products are oil free!! The only exception to this is mascara. As a rule, lash techs usually prefer you do not put mascara over your lash extensions due to the fact the mascara groups your extensions together, and can be very hard to take off to properly clean your extensions. However, if you still want to add mascara, make sure it is a NON-WATERPROOF mascara that's specifically eyelash extension safe and lightly apply it only to the ends of your lashes - stay away from the base of lashes. To remove makeup, don't use any cotton products near your lash extensions. The cotton fibers can get snagged in your extensions and either pull at your extensions or get little cotton fibers stuck. I recommend using a disposable lip gloss applicator dipped in oil free makeup remover liquid to remove your makeup while wearing lash extensions.

How often will I need to get fills?

The general reccomendation for fills is every two - three weeks depending on your lash growth and proper aftercare. If your hair and nails grow usually pretty fast, chances are you should be coming back for fills every two weeks. Eyelash extensions are applied to the very base of your natural lash. As some of your natural lashes grow out the extension grows out with it, becoming heavier on your natural lash. In order to keep your extensions from causing your natural lashes to potentially fall out prematurly due to weight, (they can also start to flip and look a bit wonky if grown out too long) lash techs remove the extensions that have grown out too far and replace it with a new extension. A mistake clients sometimes make when deciding how long to wait between fills is seeing that they still have a decent amount of lash extensions left and thinking they're fine waiting until more extensions fall off. You have to rememeber when booking your appointments to take into account the time your lash tech is going to have to spend on taking off the grown out extensions. If you have a lot of grown out extensions there will not be enough time to remove them all and replace them in addition to replacing the lash extensions that naturally fell off. Long story short, I like to get mine done every two weeks!

How long will my eyelash appointment take?

The typical alloted time for full sets is 2-2 1/2 hours. The typical time for fills is 1- 1 1/2 hours. When i'm getting my lashes done, I like to set aside a little bit more time in my personal schedule to ensure i'm not rushed in case the lash tech is taking a bit longer than expected (it happens sometimes!) Some things you can do to help us work faster is keep still, don't drink any caffeine right before your appointment so your eyelids don't move as much, and try to fall asleep! I love talking with my clients and getting to know all of you, but clients talking during appointments can sometimes make lashing more diffifult for lash techs!

Who isn't a good candidate for eyelash extensions?

Generally speaking, if you have natural eyelashes you can get extensions. However there are some things that can make someone not a good candidate for lash extensions. Below are some reasons eyelash extensions might not be right for you: - Alopecia: A condition causing the inability to grow hair. - Chemotherapy hair loss: Lash extensions should be possible again once lash hairs grow back and are strong enough to hold the extensions. - Mechanical damage: Lashes that have been removed or too short due to using a lash curler or scissors. - Trichotillomania: A disorder that involves recurring urges to pull our body hair including lashes. - Poor natural lash health or previous lash extension damage: Eyelashes that are extremely short, thin, fragile, or recovering from a botched lash job may not be strong enough to support eyelash extensions. If this is the case, there are vitamins you can take to help promote stronger hair and faster growth, as well as eyelash syrums to help get your lashes back to being strong and healthy! - Allergies to adhesives: anyone with an allergy to the medical-grade adhesive cyanoacrylate (an industry standard when it comes to eyelash extension adhesive) may not be a candidate for lash extensions. If you believe this is the case for you but would still like to get extensions, please contact me so we can discuss possible solutions! - Active eye infections: If a client has conjunctivitis, a sty, pink eye, or any other eye infection, they are not a candidate for lash extensions. Once the infection is 100% gone, you have the green light to book an appointment! If you want to get your eyelashes done but for whatever reason are unsure if you are a good candidate, message me!

Can you be allergic to eyelash extensions?

It's rare, but some clients can experience an allergic reaction after getting eyelash extensions, yes. It's also important to note that eyelash extension allergies can develop not just after the first appointment, but even after a few exposures or after years of several exposures, which is why getting patch tested is not always an accurate way of telling if you will have a reaction or not. When a client experiences an allergic reaction it is actually to the lash adhesive. More specifically, the base ingredient in ALL lash adhesives - Cyanoacrylate. This is the ingredient that creates a strong bond between the natural lashes and extensions. Symptoms can be incredibly mild but also vary from person to person and in some cases can be more severe. The most commonly known symptoms are swollen and/or itchy eyelids. If you experience any discomfort around your eyes or face after your lash appointment, it's important to let your lash tech know right away! If your symptoms are mild enough and not causing you a lot of discomfort, there are a few things the client can try to do to alleviate discomfort: - Cold compress - Cortisone cream - Benedryl before and after your lash appointment - Avoid hot showers and steam! Unfortunately, allergic reactions can happen! It's important that you notify your lash tech if anything feels off or uncomfortable so we can dicuss possible issues and get it resolved!

I've had my lashes done somewhere else, can you fill them/fix them?

Unfortunately during my time as a lash tech, I've had a good amount of new clients come to me to fix their lashes from another lash tech that were honestly just beyond fixing with a simple fill. For this reason, I do not accept fills from someone else's work. If you currently have lashes on from another tech, or feel like your lashes need fixing, I require my clients to first schedule a lash removal (or wait until all of you extensions naturally fall out) then book a new full set with me so I can provide you with the best possible lash set I can!

I'm getting married and want extensions for the wedding - when should I get them done?

As with any wedding beauty service, it's reccomended that you get your lashes done as a trial at least a few weeks/months before the wedding! That way if there are any style changes you would like to tweak, we can make note of it and apply it to your next set right before the wedding. Also, like most brides, there will probably be crying invloved at your wedding! So getting your lashes done a few days before the wedding is always a good idea since you shouldn't get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your appointment!

Do I need to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance! No walk-ins.